Uttarayan is a festival celebrated by millions of Indians (specifically Gujaratis) on January 14th.  This day is important because it marks a solar shift in which the Sun moves North with respect to the celestial sphere.  This signifies warm climates and longer periods of daylight, which is important for farmers especially.  It is symbolic of the new harvest and new beginnings.  People fly kites to celebrate this and to show off their skills.  Flying a kite for a prolonged period of time requires graceful strength, a quality that we can implement in our lives to be successful and happy.

Uttarayan has one more importance for us. It was the day our Pujya Guruji, H.H. Acharya Shree Avichaldasji Maharajshree took the head seat of our Sampradaya and became Gadi Pati of Kaival Gyan Sampradaya.  He has been the head of our organization for 43 years now and today, we celebrate the 44th anniversary of his Gadi Abhishek Day.  He is a true example of what a leader should be like.  He has led our organization in a fine manner, showing us how to be knowledgeable, giving, charismatic individuals.  He has given us Gyan and showed us how we can attain true happiness through our Bhakti and Seva.  He is truly an inspiration and we are lucky to so fortunate to call him our Guru.

Sat Kaival Saheb