Community Matters

Kaival Gyan Chicago Foundation has worked to become an integral part of its community. Since it was established, Kaival Gyan Mandir has held several walk-a-thons in support of community organizations, fund-raisers for various causes, and blood drives through Life Source and Red Cross.  It has also established a Sunday school, which integrates positive thinking and good moral codes within its curriculum – helping today’s youth understand the importance of giving back to our community is key because they are our future.  As a subsidiary of this fine organization, Kaival Youth hopes to follow in these amazing footsteps to also become a contributing and vital member of our community.  We can help improve our future by teaching our youth the importance of community service at a young age.

Since its inception, Kaival Youth has held various different outreach events and programs locally and nationally. We have also make outreach programs a key aspect of our national youth camps. Thus far we have organized regional warm clothing and food drives, regional book drives, and we have been making and donating brown bag lunches. We hope to only continue to build and grow on these initiatives.

Kaival Youth Lots Of Love (LOL) Initiative
For the past couple years, Kaival Youth members have been organizing regional warm clothing and food drives in the winter months to help people in need. The turnout has been truly tremendous and has really helped teach out Youth the importance of giving back and helping others.