An initiative launched by Kaival Youth Projects! – We want to help our youth stay connected with reality.  Most of our youth are really confused about what really happens in our world.  We are so entrapped in our everyday lives in which we have all the facilities we could want or need.  We are also not connected with religion or God because those concepts contradict with the lifestyles we want to lead.

—The truth of the matter…

  • Paramguru’s teachings are unlike any other.  At its core, Hinduism is a monotheistic religion with a very simple foundation.  There are no complicated superstitious beliefs.  Those are all things that have been created by people, which has created confusion and mistrust amongst our youth.  Paramguru tells us to cut the unnecessary stuff out and focus on what is real and what makes sense.

—It’s a matter of common sense…

  • 15 scriptures filled with knowledge that has been proven not just by Paramguru, but that is currently being proven by scientists themselves.  If you believe in scientific reasoning and using logic to dictate your actions, then Paramguru’s Gyan (knowledge) is for you!

    You can Stay Connected by following weekly Satsang, attending mandir, joining Youth Shibirs, and doing your prayers daily.

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    3.  Upasana Challenge

How can you participate in #stayconnected?

  1. DONATE to our Projects! — We are working to teach kids how to become well-rounded individuals involved in several different aspects of our community and society.  We want to be able to impact our community and our society in a positive way.  Help us do that by donating now!

  2. Participate in our Kaival Youth Projects —- Get involved at any of our organizations as a Youth Leader or Volunteer

    1. Chicago (MANDIR)

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  3. Get involved in our National Youth Camps! —– These camps are held annually. The main purpose of these camps is to connect youth of different ages with one another from all over the nation.

  4. Learn about Paramguru and share your thoughts with us about what you think. —– You can find information about Paramguru at www.dharma.kaival.org.