Shree Narandasji Maharaj

By: Vishva Patel

After Paramguru went to Kaival Dhamm, Shree Narandasji Maharaj became our Sampradaya’s Acharya in Vikram Sanvat 1934. Shree  Narandasji Maharaj was a student and a complete devotee of Paramguru. Even after Paramguru went to Kaival Dhaam he behaved as if Paramguru was still there with him everywhere he went. With Paramguru’s knowledge and blessings, Shree Narandasji Maharaj wrote two granths; Siddhant Bavani Granth and Chaturthdeh Panch Tatv Panchikaram Vibhag. In these granths he stresses the importance Guru Bhakti and understanding our Universe, Kaival Karta, and how to attain Salvation through Paramguru’s bhakti.

He says that if we devote ourselves to Paramguru with our Mind, Body, and Soul then we will be free from the cycles of life and death. We will be able to achieve moksh and go to Kaival Dhaam. Shree Narandasji Maharaj shows us what kind of the bhakti and faith we should have for Paramguru. He obtained so much knowledge from Paramguru but he always remained humble. In our lives we should take his perspective and be as humble as we can and just like him we should do bhakti. Even if its just a little bit everyday we should truly devote ourselves to Paramguru.

Throughout his lifetime he has had many incredible accomplishments, one of which was establishing the Sarsa Mandir. Shree Narndasji Maharaj started the Sarsa mandir in Vikram Sanvat 1934. It wasn’t complete, but since the murti and the central part of the mandir were done, he did Pran Pratishtha on Vaishak Sudee Purnima in Vikram Sanvat 1946. This year the Vaishak Sud Purnima is on Monday, May 4th, 2015.  If you are able, you should definitely go to mandir on that day to do darshan and/or Upasana. The Sarsa mandir is one of the four tirth dhaams in our Sampradaya.  When Paramguru was on this Earth, he would sit under a Bitter Nimb Tree to do Satsang and give people Kaival Gyan.  Shree Narandasji Maharaj build the mandir by that tree.  When we go to India, we should make a point to go to Sarsa so we can go to do darshan and visit the place where Paramguru once used reside and give people knowledge.