Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj

By: Roshan Patel
His Holiness Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj was born in Gabat, Taluka Bayad, District Sabarkantha in Gujarat on September 24, 1951. From the start he was very smart, bright, and benevolent. At the age of 17, he renounced the world and went to Sarsapuri to do seva and learn about Kaival Karta. There he was taken in by Shree Shitaldasji Maharaj. He was then given sadhu-diksha and sent off to Kashi(Banaras) to learn about sashtras.

Shitaldasji Maharaj had Avichaldasji Maharaj learn the hardest sashtra. Soon after Shitaldasji Maharaj saw how hardworking and faithful Avichaldasji Maharaj was towards everything he did, so Shitaldasji Maharaj appointed Avichaldasji Maharaj as the Saptam(7th) Kuveracharya of the Sampradaya on January 14, 1972, which is known as Uttaryanna.
Ever since Shree Avichaldasji Mahahraj became the head of the Sampradaya, he has been making some amazing accomplishments towards the Sampradaya and the people of India. From establishing the Sat Kaival Eye Hospital to helping poverty-stricken people in need of eye care for free to establishing over 60 mandirs all around Gujarat. He even built a mandir in Balkuver and in Fajalpur, by the Amar Dadham, and also established the first ever Kaival Gyan Mandir in Carol Stream, IL (Chicago area). And not only that, but also Avichaldasji Mahahraj has been helping people such as children by providing them with education by opening up schools in Sarsa and Balkuver. He has also written many stutis, bhajans, artis, and other literature for devotees of the Sampradaya. For years Avichaldasji Mahahraj has been doing outstanding and helpful deeds for so many people everywhere.
This September 24, 2014 will mark the day of his 63rd birthday and we should all take some time to appreciate all that he has done for us and the Kaival Dharam. Avichaldasji Mahahraj has been doing so many wonderful things for everybody for almost 43 years and if it weren’t for his help and knowledge we couldn’t have come this far. We are very lucky to have such an astounding and inspiring guru, Shree Avichaldasji Mahahraj