Paramguru Pragatya

By: Roshan Patel

Paramguru Shreemat Karunasagar Maharajshree came down to Jambu Dvip (Earth) on Vikram Sanvat 1829. But why did Paramguru come down in the first place? Paramguru traveled from Dvip to Dvip spreading the knowledge of Kaival Karta to help thousands of devotees reach moksha (salvation). The last Dvip He came to was Jambu Dvip.

Paramguru also came here spread the knowledge of Kaival Karta and show people the right path to Kaival Karta because many people were turning away from the right path.

When Lord Brahma, the creator, first made the world many people would learn from one of his five heads. Each face read a certain Veda, and the one that the people would learn from was called Sukhshmaveda. This Veda taught people about Kaival Karta and would allow them to get moksha to go to Kaival Dhaam. But Lord Vishnu, the preserver, saw this as a bad thing because if everyone went to Kaival Dhaam, how would the world progress? So he told Lord Shiva, the destroyer, to cut of Lord Bhrama’s fifth head, the Sukhshmaveda and so he did. Now with the head cut off, there was no way of getting the knowledge about Kaival Karta out to the people so they all became astray in maya, or unrealistic beliefs. This led them to lose the interest in Kaival Karta and moksha. Now this is where Paramguru comes in the picture. He was sent by Kaival Karta to reintroduce the knowledge of Kaival Karta to the people so they would once again be able to attain moksha and go to Kaival Dhaam.

Paramguru was pragat in a jungle in the village of Kasor in the form of Balkuver. The day Paramguru was pragat is known as Maha Sudi Bij. Here he introduced himself as the son of Raghuvir and Hetba.  At the age of seven he set out to receive diksha from a guru. He came across Krishnaswami Maharaj, who gave him diksha after completing the orders given out to by him. There after, Paramguru set out to spread the knowledge of Kaival Karta to everybody.  When Paramguru came down, he had with him the Pancham Sukhshma Veda. Paramguru used this Veda to explain to the people the knowledge of Kaival Karta through the means of science and religion.