Our Organization

Kaival Youth is an interactive and multifaceted organization created by young adults living within the U.S.A.  We want to show our generation and future generations how to be actively involved within our community and why it is important to stay connected with our roots.  It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish ourselves culturally because we live in a country where it is considered normal to follow popular culture and westernize thoughts and behavior.  Instead of teaching our children to conform, we should be teaching them how to integrate our culture and heritage into their individual thoughts and behaviors.  At its very core, the Kaival Dharma uses science and practicality to teach us the true meaning of God and religion. We want to use this to help youngsters connect religion and science so they may be able to positively incorporate dharma within their lives. Kaival Youth would like to help young adults, teens, and children build their faith AND equip them to become positive members of the community and make a lasting impact. In a society where conforming to popular culture has become the norm, we want to teach the youth of our generation the importance of being an individual. It is never easy to stand out or speak up but these two traits are essential for the development of young leaders. Teaching youngster how to be leaders is the very foundation of our Kaival Youth organization.  Our youth are our future. Teaching them how to make positive contributions to our society, make positive changes within the community, and make lasting impressions across culture is vital. These traits will help them flourish into tomorrow’s professionals, leading and guiding people to be well rounded and balanced individuals just like themselves. In order to accomplish all these goals, Kaival Youth organizes multiple events throughout the year in various different states hoping to connect with kids, teens, and young adults.