Our Mission

“Empowering our youth to develop the values and morals needed to build bridges of culture, tradition and spirit.”


Kaival Youth was created by a group of college students and young professionals located in the U.S.A.  This organization’s main purpose is to bridge the continuously growing gap between the older and younger members of our community.  As a society we are constantly evolving with respect to liberal thoughts, behaviors, and technology.  However, as we evolve and merge in this huge melting pot of culture that has become America, it feels like we are losing touch with our roots.  As modernization grows and as Westernization continues to spread, people have become more concerned with defining themselves along the lines of social norm and liberal thought.  Hinduism is one of the oldest religions which embodies some very tradition beliefs.  However, over time people have added their own cultural interpretations and made Hinduism out to be this complex, conservative, polytheistic religion full of superstitious thoughts and beliefs.  Is this Hinduism at its core? No!  We want to show people what has been lost and help people of our generation understand we can and we should connect with our roots and our religion all while being active members of our community.  We want to show how we can learn, grow, and give back to our community to help build our future generations into bright, knowledgeable, and active.