Make a Difference

How can you participate in #stayconnected ?

DONATE to our Projects! — We are working to teach kids how to become well-rounded individuals involved in several different aspects of our community and society. We want to be able to impact our community and our society in a positive way. Help us do that by donating now! 

Participate in our Kaival Youth Projects —- Donate for Hurricane Harvey disaster project. Get involved at any of our organizations as a Youth Leader or Volunteer

      • Chicago (MANDIR)
      • Baltimore
      • Boston
      • New Jersey

Get involved in our National Youth Camps! —– These camps are held annually. The main purpose of these camps is to connect youth of different ages with one another from all over the nation.

Learn about Paramguru and share your thoughts with us about what you think. —– You can find information about Paramguru at