Youth Challenges

  • #PositiveThoughts – We want our Youth to think and ACT positively. Give someone an encouraging shout out, help someone in need, volunteer in your community, ext.  Whatever you decide to do (big or small), post something positive on your Instagram or social media account and share it with your friends. Make sure to #positivethoughts and tag @kaivalyouth.


  • #Activelife Challege – As the weather starts to get colder, it will become easier and easier to remain indoors. Don’t let that stop you from staying active. No matter how old you are, getting regular physical activity is important to maintain good health.
    So get off the couch and get moving! Run, jump, dance, swim, bike, lift weights – do whatever you want for at least 30 minutes. Once you are done, post a picture or boomerang video of yourself, your shoes, your workout gear, or your workout summary from the machine or workout app and post about it on your Instagram or Social Media account. Make sure to tag @kaivalyouth and #activelife.


  • #UpasanaChallege – This challenge is applicable to all youths. Upasana is a form of prayer we should do regularly in the morning and evening. It is a way to show Paramguru and Karta our devotion and gratitude towards them. The Morning Upasana is a bit more difficult but the Evening Upasana is not so difficult. it is definitely something that all of us can take part of.  Who wrote the upasanas?  The Morning and Evening Upasanas were written by Paramguru and Shree Narandasji Maharajshree (the immediate successor after Paramguru had gone to Kaival Dhaam). 


  • #MaraChallege: This is a challenge to encourage ourselves to make time and do mara regularly. Doing mara is just chanting the Amar Mantra (Ohang Sohang Sath Charan Yugal Rupam Tavam Namami) while trying to control your ingla and pingla nadi. It is definitely something quick and easy that all of us can do at anytime during the day.  Why are we doing the Mara Challenge?  Chanting the Amar Mantra helps us “tune our mind”. It helps us develop peace and steadiness in our mind. When our minds are focused on the words of the mantra –we prevent negativity from entering. This allows positivity to enter our mind and create pure thoughts –making our nature purer.