Gujarati Classes


Most of our children are able to speak Gujarati because of their upbringing; however, many of them do not know how to read and write it, which is just as important. Reading and writing Gujarati not only helps them stay in touch with our culture and religion, but it also refines their skills in speaking. In today’s world English has become so predominant, so many people neglect to properly teach Gujarati to their children. However, it is essential if we want to preserve our roots. It can help keep our culture alive from generation to generation, and our culture is what defines us.

Levels of Gujarati Offered

  • Primary (Basic Introduction to the Alphabet, Words, and Phrases)
  • Secondary (Introduction to Writing, and Sentence Structure)
  • Intermediate (Writing, and Reading Gujarati)

This program is offered to students of the age 6 and up

Classes are offered every Sunday at 4:30 PM at Kaival Gyan Chicago Mandir.