Hindu Festivals

Our Hindu Dharma is full of color, lights, and cultural festivals that can help people connect to their faith, spend quality time with their families, dress up in vibrant colors, and express themselves through dancing and singing.  Our Hindu festivals occur each year according to a Calendar called “Vikram Sanvat” – this calendar follows the […]


By: Krunal Patel

So, we all know that on Holi, we light a fire (Holika Dahan) and play with colors. But, what a lot of us do not know is why we celebrate it. A long time ago, there was a king named Hiranyakashyapu. He did a lot of tapa and got a boon from Brahma. Hiranyakashyapu wanted to be immortal, and no one gets the boon of being immortal. Therefore, Hiranyakashyapu asked for a boon that he thought made him immortal. He got five powers from that boon: Read more about Holi


Uttarayan is a festival celebrated by millions of Indians (specifically Gujaratis) on January 14th.  This day is important because it marks a solar shift in which the Sun moves North with respect to the celestial sphere.  This signifies warm climates and longer periods of daylight, which is important for farmers especially.  It is symbolic of […]

Bhai Duj

The fifth day of Diwali is known as Bhai Duj, or Bhai Bij. The main focus on this day is brothers. In the Vedic era, Yamraja visited his sister, Yamina, on this day. He gave his sister a present saying whoever visited her on this day will have their sins forgiven. From then on brothers […]

Ram Navmi

On the ninth day after the full moon of Chaitra, Lord Ram was born. Ram navmi is the celebration of the birth of one of the holy trinity Lord Vishnu’s avatar. There is much importance associated with the Lord Ram. The name symbolizes peace and mortality, which was displayed through the acts of this Lord. […]