Importance of Gyan

By: Nistha Patel Knowledge comes to one’s mind when the word ’gyan’ is mentioned. So, is gyan merely knowledge or is there something more to it? Knowledge is such a broad term. When we think about it many questions come to mind. What is knowledge? How and where do you get knowledge from? Gyan (knowledge) is so powerful that […]


By: Vishva Patel Bhakti is one of the easiest ways for us to show our devotion to Karta (God). Doing Bhakti connects our soul to Karta. It also keeps our mind and soul pure. Everybody is so busy in today’s day and age juggling school, work, friends, family and social engagements; it seems that no […]

How Our Karam Matters

By Krishna Patel Karam, or karma, is the concept that our actions, whether they be good or bad, affect what happens to us later in life. Everyone has heard the saying “what comes around goes around” which is often used to explain this concept of karma. Basically, the idea is that if you do something […]

Seva? What for?

By: Ipsa Patel What comes to one’s mind when he/she hears the word “seva”? Mandir, God, work, boring, it’s for old people, ext. Seva explained as when a person voluntarily does something for somebody without expecting anything in return. Seva can be done anywhere like at a food pantry, hospital, old age houses, schools, mandir, […]

Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj

By: Roshan Patel
His Holiness Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj was born in Gabat, Taluka Bayad, District Sabarkantha in Gujarat on September 24, 1951. From the start he was very smart, bright, and benevolent. At the age of 17, he renounced the world and went to Sarsapuri to do seva and learn about Kaival Karta. There he was taken in by Shree Shitaldasji Maharaj. He was then given sadhu-diksha and sent off to Kashi(Banaras) to learn about sashtras. Read more about Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj

Pathway to Moksh

By: Krishna Patel

One of the questions that everyone asks is what happens after death. In our dharam we believe in a cycle of birth and rebirth otherwise known as reincarnation. But how exactly does the cycle work and how can we get out of it? Well, this all depends on your karma. Karma is based on the basic principle “what comes around goes around”, so if you do good deeds in your life then you will be rewarded with good things, but if you do bad deeds, then you will have to face the consequences. Read more about Pathway to Moksh

The Power of Praying

By: Ipsa Patel

Many of us pray when we want something, but is it really going to get us anywhere? Is it really called praying? No, praying is when you pray to Paramguru from your heart every day, not a minute before your final exams or tests. Let’s face it, all of us have done it. We all say Paramguru please get me an A on this test and I will study next time, but we do the same thing next time. Does it work: maybe sometimes, but not always. Read more about The Power of Praying


By: Raj Patel

Non-Violence is one of the main principles followed by Hindus. All sectors of Hinduism have one thing in common: they all include a principle of nonviolence and avoidance of eating meat. People always ask how we get our protein. All vegetarians get bombarded with this question all the time. If the person had done his/her research about the protein intake of a vegetarian, they would soon realize that we get our daily intake of proteins easily. Read more about WHY DO WE FOLLOW AHIMSA AND WHAT IS IT?