Attitude on Gratitude

By Akhil Patel

In current day and age, there are always people willing to help, but more so there are always people in need of help. No matter where you live there is always the poor, the middle class, and the wealthy. Most of us reading this article are blessed with more than the basic resources of food, water, and shelter; we have a loving family, the opportunity for higher education, and we are surrounded by technological amenities and luxuries. Needless to say, we are in a position where we can and should help others. Giving back to your community is the best form of gratitude. Here, in the United States, there are so many different ways to get involved and getting involved does not always require a lot of time.

Getting involved with your local community can be as simple as donating to a homeless shelter, or even a food shelter. It is something that is not very time consuming. All you have to do is call the nearest food shelter, and ask them which supplies they use most often and currently need. A simple grocery shopping trip will help you put food on the table for hungry families. Growing up in Indian families, we have been taught to never let anyone go hungry. We would rather be left hungry ourselves rather than leave someone else without food. So why not add a few items to your grocery list each month, and stop by a food shelter on your way home from the grocery store?

Another way to get involved locally is fundraise at your school. This is an excellent option for the younger generation, as we all are in school in some form, whether that be grade school or college. You can make a difference for any charity or cause while still spending time with your friends and classmates. I was also a volunteer at one of my local hospitals over a long period of time and I was able to register over 350 hours. Helping out with my community made me feel as if I grew as a person, and just having another person smile brings me joy and a warm fuzzy feeling inside me. Always help out wherever and whenever you can, making someone else’s day can never result with an unhappy ending.

“No one has ever become poor by giving”

-Anne Frank