Akhand Dhoon

What is Akhand Dhoon?

Singing the same Mantra over and over again for a prolonged period of time. Doing dhoon helps build a concentration of powerful and divine energy. We cannot see this energy but we can feel and experience it. This energy is never destroyed but is translated into thoughts and actions. Taking part in such an event can help us rid our minds of negative thoughts, rid our behavior of negative acts, and help us connect with Paramguru. Living life without negative thoughts or negative behaviors and being connected with Paramguru is truly an amazing experience.
Every 30 days, there is one full moon. In Hinduism, this day is  called Punam or Purnima. Punam is considered a holy day because it represent the wholeness and unity. On this day, people fast so they can use the time they would spend cooking and cleaning to  pray and do seva instead. In honor of each Punam, Kaival Gyan Mandir Chicago hosts 9-12 hour Akhand Dhoons on the Sunday following Punam.

In the honor of celebrating 50 years of Guruji receiving Diksha,  Kaival Gyan Mandir Chicago is hosting a 50 hour Akhand Dhoon from June 8th thru June 10th 2018